Female and male bodybuilding clothing Eight.One

Discipline, persistence and patience. These are the three basic values ​​of bodybuilding. Three directives that are shared with all other sports practices.

Those who practice weight training know that they cannot have a well-sculpted body without effort, discipline and patience. Persistence here is key, as is the spirit of companionship that characterizes this community.

Whatever the goal you have set in mind, when practicing bodybuilding it is necessary to keep it in mind. Because he is the one who will guide and keep you in the most difficult moments … and, believe me, they appear. Hence the importance of staying with people who understand you, who are on the same wavelength as you.

Bodybuilding clothing, whether female or male, also helps you in this process, because it helps in your performance and also to better observe the effects of your work.

Choosing the right weight training outfit

The clothes cannot be too tight or hot, because besides being able to prevent the normal flow of circulation, they can stimulate excessive sweating, which is not beneficial for the body, as it causes greater discomfort in the practice of exercises .The clothes you wear should absorb sweat and facilitate your movements. It should be comfortable and not hinder movement. That is why we recommend the use of leggings, because they are tight enough to stimulate circulation and support your muscles. Jumpsuits can also be a good option, since they also have adequate elasticity to help with movements.

In this case, you can always use a top, to give security to the breast area, while allowing you to sweat without fear of discomfort, since even the fabric allows easy evaporation. Tank tops can be a good addition to the top, as they also allow for good skin breathing.

Basically, you have to invest in clothes with a good quality fabric and suitable for exercising, even the most intense and demanding.

Men’s clothing

If you think that for a man, the way to choose the right clothes is very different, don’t be disappointed. Men must have the same concern for comfort and style as women. It is important that they wear clothing that provides them with the greatest possible comfort, either because of the evaporation capacity of the fabric, or because of the way it allows the skin to breathe.

So we advise them to choose good pants, or even wear shorts. At the trunk level, they can either use a tank top that, in addition to allowing good breathing, allows them to observe the evolution of their muscles.

A Fit T-Shirt is also a good option. In addition to being comfortable, the way it adjusts to the muscles allows them to not only provide extra support but also to stimulate circulation, thus allowing better oxygenation.

Technology makes the difference

As the comfort with which you do your exercises is extremely important for us, our clothes are made from the most advanced technology at the textile level. All fabrics combine their flexibility with their evaporation capacity. That is why we advise our clothing for any type of exercise, whether indoors or outdoors. #be_oitoum

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