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The style of the outfit that is currently used to exercise is far more important than it was. Now fitness fashion sets trends, both inside and outside the gym.

Using old shorts at the bottom of the drawer and the t-shirt of the parish council is no longer an option. In fact, even major brands contribute to this change, highlighting fitness fashion in their collections. This trend can even function as motivation to achieve that goal of getting off the couch and starting training.

That’s what I’m feeling myself, when writing this article, looking through the offers available here at Oito. I am not a big fan of exercise, I confess, but I will give you another chance, after analyzing these models well.

The gym took to the street

Sports practice is no longer just recommended to become trend . What you are looking for is comfort and functionality in the parts you use to train. Sports fashion can even help achieve the desired results and allows you to do it with style .

Combining the necessary comfort with elegance and a more urban appearance has become essential. As the practice of outdoor exercise is increasing, fitness fashion has evolved considerably. On the other hand, the hurried pace of our lives requires a fitness look that can also be used on other occasions.

This fashion line is becoming increasingly versatile , in order to facilitate daily logistics. Therefore, you should be aware of fitness fashion trends! Knowing the most current options for dressing your unique style when training is important.

Patterns: Use them to your advantage!

The patterns are recurrent in the sports universe, whether in tops, corsairs, leggings, overalls or sets. The goal is to create a more lively, active and dynamic image, to match the occasion. The trend falls on vivid colors and floral prints , abstract , geometric or tropical . The animal pattern is a classic that continues to be present in today’s fitness fashion.

Patterns are powerful visuals and can be used to favor the silhouette . They are very useful for disguising unwanted volume in certain areas or attracting attention to others. You have to know how to choose well and adapt each piece to what you want. Overall, the printed clothes create unique and irreverent looks , capable of giving the necessary confidence to exercise.

moda fitness

Colors: Vibrant or discreet?

As for color choices, fitness fashion has options for all tastes. For the most exuberant women, who want to take a chance and get out of the norm, there are super vibrant and vivid colors. Warm, open tones of yellow , red> or oranges are perfect for training.

moda fitness

For those who prefer to go through the gym more discreto , there are also plenty of options! Navy blue and black and gray variants are classic tones that are still present. Some appear renewed, with textures and modern cuts , which help to favor the silhouette. These dark colors also contribute to the slimming effect they have always been associated with.

Transparencies: Sensuality in fitness fashion

Transparencies are present in several pieces of sports fashion . These details, usually in net or tule , partially expose the skin in certain areas, giving a dose of sensuality.

Combined with the right cuts, the transparencies help to enhance the female body and give more style to the pieces. Who said fitness clothes can’t be sexy ?


Yoga pants: Comfort and elegance

Also at the top of fitness trends are yoga pants. They differ from leggings in that they are more comfortable and almost always have high waist . This cut greatly favors the woman’s body and also helps to contain the abdominal region.

As they are so versatile and supportive, these pants adapt to any activity and go far beyond yoga. They can even incorporate a more urban and casual look for everyday life.

moda fitness

Technological fabrics

Innovation is everywhere and fitness fashion is no exception. There are many new features that promise to help performance during training.

In addition to comfort and style, sportswear now appears with technological benefits associated with it. There are fabrics with UV protection and reflective fabrics, for those who prefer to exercise at night. There are new materials with antibacterial treatment , to inhibit the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. There are even fabrics with moisturizing treatment and cellulite prevention , which act during the use of the pieces!

With the latter I am convinced! Who joins me on a hydrating and anti-cellulite run? A great 2 in 1, no doubt.

Urban style: The athleisure trend

The athleisure trend , as the name suggests, is to mix the athletic with a more urban function. It involves giving sportswear the comfort of sportwear and the practicality of streetwear . The result is pieces that can be used both in the gym and on the street.

The desportivo side has definitely entered the urban looks of everyday life, as well as the urban entered the gym. Thus, the current fitness fashion comes with versatile pieces , which can be used in both environments.

On the one hand, a total sports look can be used for effective physical exercise. On the other hand, you can mix a top or sports jacket with formal pieces and finish with sneakers. The final image is that of a active woman , but who values ​​comfort and practicality. A look of this type is perfectly suited to a day of work with several commitments, in a dress code more casual-chic .

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