How to choose the best sportswear for running?

Clothing can affect the performance of those who practice running. The way it adjusts to your body, how it protects you from external aggressions (UV rays, cold, heat, etc.), or how it helps you maintain thermal comfort when you run, influence your performance in your sports practice.

That is why you should pay attention to the technology present in your clothing and why you should use specific clothing for running.

Why wear specific running clothes?

Confort. Comfort is important for running and, to guarantee it, the best way is to be judicious with the clothes you wear. Be it underwear, t-shirts, tops, shorts, or leggings, it is important to wear appropriate clothing for running and your morphology.

A top, for example, is designed to guarantee maximum comfort during the exercise, the support is reinforced and allows greater ease of movement, as well as the absorption of shocks. Not to mention the breathable materials that are used, as they not only allow sweat to evaporate faster, but also allow your skin to breathe easily.

In fact, the main thing about running sportswear is to be like a second skin, be it in terms of movement, or in terms of your breathing. Hence the importance of having a textile technology that allows to maintain the body temperature, as well as to keep the skin dry, whatever the intensity of the run, duration and ambient temperature.

It is for this reason that we strongly advise against cotton, which, in addition to absorbing all the moisture in the body, cools the skin too quickly. It is also important that the clothing protects you from UV rays, since the application of sunscreens is not the best option. And the possibility of damaging the skin with some scald, either.

Textile technology to improve your performance

Both t-shirts, tops and overalls should be ventilated, so that sweat evaporates quickly, and adjusted to the body. They should not be too tight, because preventing proper blood circulation can cause pain later.

Leggings must be comfortable and with flat seams, to avoid rubbing, and also tight enough to stimulate circulation and not hinder it.

Of course, all of this at the morphological level, because at the technological level, you must also be just as, or more, demanding in your choice. Textile technology has evolved a lot and, today, this can be the difference between being able to run 20 minutes and 40 minutes. Exaggeration?

We don’t believe it is. Because if a running sports suit helps you to ventilate and evaporate moisture (keeping your skin dry), maintain thermal balance (don’t overheat or cool your body too much), protect from UV rays (avoid scalds and other injuries caused by these rays) and to avoid any bacterial action, we guarantee that your performance will be different.

We help you to go beyond your limits

When we created our collection, we thought about the technology we are going to use. Because? Because we know that technology makes a difference and also because we know that each workout has its specific need. Find out more about our women’s collection here, and find out what technologies we use.

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