Carla Andrino shares her fight against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the type of cancer disease with the highest incidence rate in Portugal. From year to year, this reality has been increasing. Every year, about 6,000 women are diagnosed with this condition.

The likelihood of breast cancer will increase after 45 years of age. However, it is after 60 that the risk grows. The trace is the best weapon to combat this health problem, especially from these ages or if there is a family history.

An early diagnosis increases the success rate in controlling and curing the disease. In Portugal, there are breast cancer screening programs, such as the one carried out by the Portuguese League Against Cancer. The support of the attending physician is also a good option in the sense of being informed.

Carla Andrino was diagnosed in 2016 with Breast Cancer. The actress joined Oito.One in raising awareness of this disease. In an emotional and sincere interview, he talked about how he managed to overcome all adversities.Cancro da Mama

“Keep an eye out for the signs of your body”

How did you react to the news that you had Breast Cancer?

After a few seconds of silence, in which a tear broke, I reacted. I didn’t go into denial or lose energy thinking “why me?”. I wanted to know what I could do from there. A phrase from my dear doctor, Fernando Laje, guided this whole process. Having heard him say “you must look at this disease as you look at the sea: with great respect, but without fear” reassured me.

What made you suspect?

Nothing! It was a routine mammogram. As I had a maternal aunt with breast cancer, I had exams every year since I was 40.

And how did the family react?

With hope, but above all with much love!

Did you ever think it could happen to you?

We never thought it could be us or ours!

It’s a very difficult fight. During the treatment process, how did you feel emotionally and physically?

Physically, during chemotherapy, I felt tired, without strength and with some pain in my body. Emotionally and psychologically, I was very strong and very confident. Doing my part, leaving the remaining 50% to Medicine.

You can’t say “I’m cured” after a disease like cancer. Do you live in fear?

No. Fear lives in the future and I am a woman of the present, today, here and now. Only in the days leading up to the results of routine exams do I feel the natural anxiety.

Carla exposed her illness to the general public very early. What prompted you to do this?

It wasn’t early, it was 3 months after the diagnosis. Knowing it was going to be on the cover the next day precipitated the sharing of information.

Do you feel that you inspired people?

It was not and is not the intention at all. But I have found that my story, and the way I lived it, gives strength and courage to those who are going through a similar situation .

If it were today, would you have done something different?

No. The way I lived my life and made my choices was always true and what made sense to me at the time.

What is the contribution of sport to your life, particularly in the post-treatment phase?

I train with a PT three times a week and go hiking. Sport has been a common practice throughout my life. In addition to the body, it does my head very well. At the time of the treatments, physically, I didn’t have the strength to climb a flight of stairs, let alone to exercise!

When I heard that Oito.One is a brand with an active voice in the prevention of Breast Cancer, it was very available for this project. Is it important for you to keep your voice active?

Yes, it is. The voice of resilience .

And what role should brands and companies play in this process?

Encourage the celebration of life!

A Eito.A part in this mission in a 100% altruistic way, since it supports the cause even if there is no financial return from this project. Do you think that the business world needs to give much more to society and that more initiatives of this kind should emerge?

As much as possible! Initiatives like this – which I take to congratulate – are useful to raise awareness and to de-dramatize the disease.

What advice would you give to women who think Breast Cancer only happens to others?

Keep an eye on your body’s signals. In case of doubt, contact your doctor. Living in denial does not seem to me to be the healthiest solution.

Would you like to say any special thanks?

Thank you, life, that you have allowed me to continue dating with you. Living with you is wonderful. Thank you!

October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month. To mark the anniversary, Oito.One created a solidary t-shirt. For each unit sold in the online store, 5 euros revert to the Portuguese League Against Cancer . Help us to help!

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