Running: What is the right clothes to run?

Running is one of the best exercises for those who want to stay healthy and fit. As such, the choice of clothing suitable for running is vitally important and should not be overlooked.

Practicing running not only contributes to good physical condition, but also to good mental health. However, for the effort to be rewarded, it is very important that you feel comfortable throughout the exercise. Only then will you be able to run more kilometers without feeling uncomfortable.

One of the factors that most influences your performance and performance in running (in addition to footwear) is the clothing used. Choosing suitable running clothes allows your body to breathe better, feels more comfortable and prevents the appearance of small injuries, blisters and diaper rash.

Proper clothing for running: 4 Essential pieces!

Running is a favorite sport for many men and women, with several clothing models for both. However, there are some factors that must be taken into account when considering the right running clothes, namely in terms of materials and fabric technology !

1. Tops / bras

In the case of women, it is essential to wear a sports bra or top that, unlike ordinary bras, offers greater support in the chest area. As such, it allows for more comfort, stability and reduced impact of movements resulting from running.

2. T-shirts

Since you sweat more when you run, opt for sports t-shirts with Dry technology, as they better retain sweat and are more comfortable and lighter than cotton. At the same time, give preference to fabrics with Aero technology, with ventilation in the areas of greatest perspiration .

Also adapt running clothes to weather conditions, using a thermal jersey with UV Pro technology, which protects your skin from ultraviolet rays , and with Lumina technology, which makes it more visible at night. In addition, thermal sweaters help you maintain your body temperature in winter.

3. Leggings or corsairs

When looking for suitable running clothes, choose corsairs or sports leggings made from high compression fabrics . This is the perfect decision for women, as this type of fabric allows for better movement . It also allows for faster recovery after physical effort and an increase in microcirculation .

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4. Socks and sneakers

Socks, together with sneakers, are elements that have a great influence on the performance of your training. This is because they are responsible for minimizing the effects of the impact of the feet against the ground.

Thus, socks must have a high polyamide composition, a material with greater elasticity and more breathability. As for tennis , you should prioritize the cushioning and lightness of the materials, if you want to improve their performance and their times.

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