How to choose sports bras without fail?

For a good sport practice, it is necessary to take into account the equipment to be used. This includes not only leggings, tops and sneakers , but also sports bras suitable for the activity to be performed.

Physical exercise is increasingly a habit among the women Portuguese. The culture of a healthy lifestyle and the desire to be in shape and promote physical and psychological well-being are some of the reasons for this paradigm shift.

The use of sports bras is important, not only to maintain a correct posture , but also to support and pack the chest . It also prevents sagging tissues and undesirable pain . Therefore, whenever women start an activity, they must choose the appropriate accessory.

soutiens de desporto

Why is wearing sports bras so important?

Recent studies indicate that more than 65% of women experience chest pain after sports and that only one in five wear sports bras. It is also important to decide what type of bra to choose, as this will have an influence on your sports performance .

soutiens de desporto

The sport bras with more conditioning are comprehensive and suitable for use in sports that imply major impacts with the ground and movements with greater speed. Gymnastics, jazz dance and exercises on the ground are some of the modalities in which its use is advisable.

This type of bras has a reinforced support and molds itself perfectly to the body, in order to allow freedom of movement . Some of the Eight models. One even has removable cushions to fit perfectly to the chest.

Useful tips for choosing sports bras

If you have not yet chosen the sports bra model you will use in sports, here are some tips that can be very useful:

soutiens de desporto

Prefer models composed of elastic fabrics , such as elastane, which provide greater support and help to reduce the impact of physical activity on the chest;

soutiens de desporto

Opt for cross straps , as they allow greater freedom of movement, as they do not cover the shoulder blades and make your arms more comfortable;

soutiens de desporto

If you don’t have a very large chest, prefer seamless sports bras as they are less prone to irritation and abrasions. However, it is essential to ensure that the fabric is perspiration-proof , allowing the bra to stay dry;

soutiens de desporto

If you have a bigger breast, you should choose garments with cups adjusted to each breast . Prefer sports bras with zips at the front, easier to undress when the body is perspired;

soutiens de desporto

Choose quick-drying, breathable materials . Fabrics like polyamide are ideal, as they work as a “second skin” due to their breathable characteristics. Unlike cotton, they prevent moisture.

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